Radio sensation Khalid Malik opens up about his depression in video message


Following the rapid increase in suicides due to depression, many Pakistani’s including notable personalities have come forward with motivational messages aimed at raising awareness for the illness as well as, personal battles with personal experiences with anxiety and depression.

Most recently, radio morning show host Khalid Malik, in a video message on Facebook, opened up about his ordeal.

“Depression can be a very dark space. I’ve been there. I have been depressed,” said Khalid.


“Today if you are in this dark space, three things that I can tell you will help you. Number one, talk to someone. A friend or a therapist. Talking to the family can be hard, which is why I  advise talking to friends. Number two, look at the people around you, are you surrounded by people who love you? Are you surrounded by positive people? If your group of friends consist of people who reinforce what you are thinking then you need new friends. Number three, be a part of something. It can be a sports club, a book club, a yoga class, anything.”

“The fact that you feel depressed is a huge thundering knock at the door that means that you need to focus on yourself,” he adds.

“We often see happy facades and we don’t ask someone,” how are you feeling?” he concludes.

On September 1, model and fashion designer Anam Tanoli committed suicide in her house following a years-long battle with depression caused by social bullying. The model was targeted for not fitting into any of society’s pre-defined roles.

Earlier on July 21, former model and freelance journalist Quratulain Ali Khan, also known as Annie, had ended her ordeal with depression by suffocation (asphyxia).

Following the nation’s outcry about depression, President Arif Alvi has called for a 24/7 helpline for those suffering from the illness.


If you are suffering from depression or anxiety, seeking therapy is the best way to help yourself.


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