Twitterati slam scholar for calling Inzamam ‘terrorist’, ‘violent cricketer’


A ‘reformist scholar’ based in Australia, Imam Twahidi, has alleged that former Pakistani batsman and Chief Selector Inzamam-ul-Haq was a “violent Pakistani cricketer” and is a “member of Tablighi Jamaat” which is “involved in terrorism”.

The Imam with Iranian roots calls himself a reformist scholar and now anti- all Islamists.

The ‘Imam of peace’ tweeted a picture of ‘Inzi’ and Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada, who called for the immediate hanging of Holland’s rightwing politician Geert Wilders who had announced a blasphemous cartoon competition on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Imam tweeted: “Pakistani Singer who called for the immediate hanging of is seen with Inzimam-ul-Haq, a violent Pakistani cricketer and member of Tablighi Jamaat org. Involved in terrorism, described by French Intelligence as the “antechamber of fundamentalism”.

The Twitterati, however, did not take his statement against Inzamam lightly and criticised the Imam for his comments.

Defending the Tablighi Jamaat, one wrote: “Inzamam-ul-Haq is associated with Tableeghi Jamat which has NOTHING to do with violence. I am not a follower of that Jamat but when a lie is being associated with them and Inzi, I will have to speak out.”

Taunting the Imam, another user asked: “Violent? Inzi? What are you smoking?”

Another wrote: “Every Tablighi is not violent and every violent person is not a Tablighi. Why the hell are you levelling unsubstantiated allegations against a former sportsman who has no record of violence?”

Criticising the Imam and Western media, another wrote: “Branding a terrorist organ. based on articles by western media and think tanks speaks a lot about your tilt and scholarly credentials. I will only pray that may Allah guide you to the right path & may the love of hereafter exceeds the love of the world in your heart.”

Giving suggestion to Imam to start a comedy page, one user said: “involved in terrorism” Oh God .. Why don’t you start a comedy page. You’re awesome.”

Another user criticised him stating, “This man who calls himself an Imam has serious psychiatric issues. Pray for him”.

Another wrote: “Shame on you Tawhidi, a baseless allegation on a former sportsman and a Pakistani legend.”


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