Twitterati express amusement at Sharjeel Memon’s alcohol possession case


Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar found liquor bottles during a visit to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sharjeel Memon’s hospital room last week.

However, medical reports of the PPP leader Memon had revealed that there were no traces of alcohol in his blood.

A separate report by Chief Chemical Examiner Dr Zahid Ansari had stated that the bottles recovered from Memon’s room at Ziauddin Hospital did not contain alcohol.

According to the report, one of the bottles contained honey and the other cooking oil.

As of Tuesday, CJP is adamant that the forensic report is “suspicious” and he knows “who changed samples of the bottles”.

Twitter users have mocked the parties involved because of the hype the “alcohol bottles case” has received.

Journalist and former editor of a private media channel Abbas Nasir joked that he hoped a “joint investigation team” would be formed to probe into the conundrum.

“Chief Justice leads an IBO on Ziauddin Hospital; a bottle of booze and decanter found in Sharjeel Memon’s room. Police say bottles had booze; the accused say they were filled with honey and olive oil. Now a JIT will inquire into the case. Hope this crucial case has a conclusion soon,” he tweeted.

Satirist and Columnist Nadeem Farooq Paracha tweeted:

“After Sharjeel Memon’s blood report comes clear.
Informant to CJP: Boss, I thought olive oil was a kind of wine.
CJP: Idiot! Naak katwa di.
Informant: Sir, maybe he has wine in his olive oil bottle.
CJP: Hmm. Good point. That calls for another raid.”

An academic, Naveed Ahmad, sarcastically wrote that proper medical testing revealed that the blood in Sharjeel Memon’s veins was actually blood.

A Twitter user, Natasha, commented on the turn of affairs, “Who knew the chief justice would be proved wrong comprehensively and publicly by Sharjeel Memon, of all people.”

“The universe follows a script, right? How can something so unexpectedly perfect happen without design?” she questioned.

Another Twitter user shared ‘tips’ with the former Sindh chief minister how to conceal alcohol bottles better.

“Tips for next time buddy #SharjeelMemon VS #SaqibNisar”, she tweeted.

Columnist Matiullah Jan mocked the legal body by commenting that “there is a difference between alcohol and bottle of alcohol’ which will soon be written, “on the walls of a forensic lab”.


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