Sania Mirza encourages young girls to play sport


Tennis champion Sania Mirza is not one to shy away from being vocal about her thoughts and ideas, especially on matters of female empowerment.

In a recent Twitter discussion, Sania stressed on the importance of encouraging children, especially girls, to play sports because it teaches you “a manner that no other education can.”

Responding to a tweet by, Ebba Qureshi, wife of ex-Pakistani cricketer Azhar Mahmood, in which she asked how parents would encourage their daughters to play a sport, Mirza replied, “Parents or not, girls/boys should be encouraged to play the sport. Everybody can’t be professional, but to play and perform under pressure at any level is something everybody needs to cope with. Sport helps you deal with that, losses and victories in a manner that no other education can.”

Building on her argument, Mirza continued, “It’s taught me and Shoaib [Malik] and my entire family how to deal with ups and downs in life and always believe there is another day to fight and come back. Only sport can give you that spirit and teach you that in practicality…literally!”

Mirza is currently on a break from the tennis court as she and her husband, Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik are expecting their first child together.

In an earlier interview, Mirza had shared that she won’t let motherhood hold her back in her career.

“Pregnancy is not something that holds you back in any way. It’s very empowering and is something that is part of being a woman and it’s something I always looked forward to… having a family… (I knew) tennis is something that will take a backseat eventually,” she had said.

“My goal is obviously to come back and that’s the most important thing. Of course, my kid is very important in my life right now, but after that, I would like to come back to playing because it’s an example I’d like to set for my kid as well that you don’t give up on your dreams just because you’re pregnant,” Mirza said, adding: “I am young enough to come back and still play and be the best that I can be.”


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