Ahmadi, Muslim communities sign peace agreement in Faisalabad


FAISALABAD: The Ahmadi and Muslim communities of Ghaseetpura signed a written agreement, promising to avoid bringing religion into personal and individual disputes and present any issue in future to the local committee, local media reports have informed.

The agreement was signed by representatives of the Jamat Ahle Sunnat and Jamaat Ahmadiyya on August 28, following a clash which left 19 people from both sides injured. The clash, which took place on August 23, saw both the sides fire against each other from the Ahmadi worship place and adjacent houses. The Ahmadi worship place (Baitul Zikr) was also ransacked and its belongings damaged.

According to the agreement, any personal and individual disputes would not be given religious colour and all disputes or any other issue would be brought to the notice of the local committee. Both the sides would not deliver provocative speeches or make announcements (against each other) in mosques or the worship places. The Ahmadi community would bear the repair expenses of its worship place damaged in the clash and no objection would be raised to the repair work. Both the communities would exercise their religious rights according to the law and constitution of Pakistan. An ex parte decision will be made in case of violation of the agreement.

City Police Officer Ashfaq Ahmed Khan formed a committee to keep an eye on the investigation. The police also initiated a preventive action against 15 people to avoid further clashes in the area.

A police officer said that the agreement was a good sign to maintain peace. He said it was easy for the police to conduct the investigation into the issue and put the suspects behind the bar. However, the department had tried to ensure permanent peace in the area as both communities had been living peacefully for years. He said investigation into the issue would be conducted on merit.

He said some of the accused had been arrested and sent to the jail.