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TuQ’s remarks on blasphemy draw ire

A video of Islamic scholar and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chairman Tahirul Qadri’s controversial remarks on blasphemous caricatures has resurfaced on social media, causing an uproar.

The old video of an interview of Qadri when a Danish newspaper published blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is doing rounds on social media.

In that video, the Qadri had said that Sharia law cannot be implemented on any cartoonist in Denmark because it is not an Islamic country.

Talking to an English news channel, he said, “It is the legislative right of Denmark to ban or allow the cartoon competition on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” adding that “no Muslim has the right to claim Islamisation of Denmark and Sharia is not to be implemented in the country”.

Qadri further said that Islamic laws and penal system are not to be enforced in Denmark, hence, Blasphemy laws cannot be applied here. “It is the choice of any democratic Islamic country either to make these laws or not and decide the punishment accordingly,” he said.


The Twitterati criticised Qadri over his remarks and called out his ‘double standards’.

One social media user wrote: “Tahirulqadri is speaking irrelevant and just like a madman because Muslims are not imposing Islam in Holland and Denmark. But they are aggrieved from the disgrace meant of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Salalah Aliahe Wasalam.”

Another Twitter user criticised him for ‘hypocrisy’ and wrote: “What kind of Hypocrisy is this? You give a different statement to different audiences! Blasphemy law is to protect the grace of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) & other Prophets. And why would a Muslim or practising Christian do Blasphemy?”

Another social media user pointed out his ‘double game’ and wrote: “آخر علامہ صاحب کیا کہنا چاہتے ہیں ؟؟؟؟ اس پر بھی کچھ روشنی ڈالی جائے۔ سر آخر کیوں اور کب تک یہ ڈبل گیم چلے گی

Another wrote: “Ye loo Molana Pagal ho Gaya Hain.”

In another video, replying about blasphemous cartoons and freedom of speech, Qadri said that every freedom has a limit to it. “If I want to punch someone because I want to use my freedom of choice, it will not be acceptable,” he said, adding that same is the case in these cartoon competitions as it hurts the sentiments of billions of people.

“It is not just about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but for all the prophets,” he explained.

Further, during another interview, the religious scholar is explaining the blasphemy law of Pakistan and capital punishment under it. “This law of capital punishment in Pakistan is not just for insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but for every prophet including Jesus, Mosses and all others,” he explained.

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