These reports will surely lift Sharjeel Memon’s ‘spirits’! | Pakistan Today

These reports will surely lift Sharjeel Memon’s ‘spirits’!

–Medical report says no traces of alcohol found in PPP’s imprisoned leader’s blood samples

–Chemical examiner says liquor bottles recovered from Memon’s hospital rooms contained ‘honey and cooking oil’

The medical report of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sharjeel Memon has revealed that there were no traces of alcohol in his blood, while a chemical examination of the two liquor bottles recovered from the imprisoned politician’s hospital room have also been declared free of alcohol.

According to reports, Memon’s blood samples were taken at noon on September 1 and were sent to two different hospitals.

“There is no trace of plasma alcohol and ethanol in his blood,” the report revealed. The Sindh government will now send this report to Supreme Court.

Aga Khan Hospital report regarding Memon’s blood sample

A separate report by Chief Chemical Examiner Dr Zahid Ansari states that the bottles recovered from Memon’s room at Ziauddin Hospital did not contain alcohol.

According to the report, one of the bottles contained honey and the other cooking oil.

Report regarding contents within liquor bottles recovered from Memon’s sub-jail

On September 1, Sharjeel Memon, who was at Karachi’s Ziauddin Hospital on the pretext of illness, was found in possession of “liquor bottles and drugs” after Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar paid a surprise visit to the hospital.

“When Sharjeel Memon was asked about the liquor, he said they were not his,” Justice Nisar said, relating his surprise early-morning visit before hearing cases at the Supreme Court’s Karachi registry.

Memon, who had been in judicial custody at the Ziauddin Hospital’s Shirin Jinnah branch, where his room had been declared a sub-jail, was sent back to jail soon after the incident. The CJP addressed the newly-appointed attorney general and said, “Anwar Mansoor Khan give a little attention to this issue as well.”

After the notice by the CJP, the Sindh chief secretary and Prisons Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Aftab Pathan reportedly reached the hospital in an effort to recover the “evidence”.

SSP South Omar Shahid Hamid said they’d collected blood samples from Memon and that “there will be an inquiry” and “action will be taken against those found responsible”.


Two people, including Memon’s driver, were subsequently taken into custody in connection with the presence of liquor at the hospital.

Jan Mohammad, who was one of the two men taken into custody, told reporters while being taken away that the bottles spotted by the CJP did not contain liquor.

“One of the bottles had honey while the other contained cooking oil,” he claimed.

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