Retired chief justice of GB top court to lose pension


ISLAMABAD: The outgoing chief justice of Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Supreme Appellate Court (SAC), Justice Rana Shamim, may lose his pension as the office of the GB accountant general (AG) has raised legal objections over his age.

Justice Rana Shamim, who was at loggerheads with GB Chief Minister Hafeezur Rehman in his last days of service, retired on Thursday after completing his three-year tenure in the Supreme Appellate Court.

“The honourable incumbent chief judge of SAC in the case has served beyond 65 years of age, up to 67 years and eight months,” read a letter written by the deputy accountant general to the registrar of the court on August 31. “Therefore service beyond the age of superannuation isn’t countable towards pension.”

As per the letter, the AG’s office has also asked the registrar to clarify if Justice Shamim is already drawing any pension from the government treasury.

The judge got attention in social media as he took up the ‘fake-degree’ case of CM Hafeezur Rehman prior to his retirement.

The case, however, couldn’t be decided because of the absence of another judge, Justice Javed Iqbal, who missed the important hearing of the case at last hour. “For sure tensions ran high at that time in the camp of the chief minister,” said a senior lawmaker in Hafeez’s cabinet.

Justice Shamim had previously suspended GB Order 2018, calling it against the wishes of the people. The order, which had curtailed certain perks and privileges of the judges, was restored later on by Supreme Court of Pakistan, setting aside GB appellate order.

According to sources, three-member GB SAC headed by Justice Rana Shamim in 2015 entitled themselves for some more facilities while keeping the service duration of three-years intact.