Police foil attempt of underage marriage in Vehari


Local police in Luddan town of Vehari district interfered in an attempt to marry off a 9-year-old to a 15-year-old boy on Saturday night.

Bashir Ahmad, a resident of Budh Ghulam, had made preparations to marry off his underage step-daughter to his cousin, Kashif’s son.

Upon complaint from the locals, police arrived at the scene and arrested the underage groom, groom’s father and the bride’s step-father.

The girl’s ‘rukhsati’ ceremony was underway when the police arrived.

During interrogation, Ahmad denied the whole incident and justified that the kids were having an engagement ceremony. However, the marriage registrar told that he had been called to solemnize the union.

He added that the bride’s father had manipulated him into performing the ceremony by saying that the bride had undergone puberty and was 9 years and seven months old.