Pakistan ranks highest in Asia where ‘religion is very important’: PEW


PEW Research Centre recently published a report that ranked Pakistan in the highest position in Asia where religion is “very important”.

The survey that was carried out stated that religion is important for people in South Asia, Latin America Middle East and Africa.

The global survey reveals that 94% of people in Pakistan consider religion very important, whereas India is in the second position with 80% and Iran with 78% at the third position.

Publishing the result of the survey, Conard Hackett, the senior demographer and associate director at PEW tweeted: “% who say religion is very important China 3%, UK 10%, Japan 10%, Sweden 10%, France 11%, Russia 16%, Australia 18%, Spain 22%, Canada 27%, Mexico 45%, US 53%, Greece 56%, Turkey 68%, Brazil 72%, Egypt 72%, S Africa 75%, India 80%, Nigeria 88%, Honduras 90%, Indonesia 93%, and Ethiopia 98%.”

The survey also mentioned the countries that give the least importance to religion which include China, Russia, Japan, Sweden, France, Russia, Australia and Spain.


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