Info minister says Pak-UAE ties based on mutual trust


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information & Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Federal said that Pakistan and the United Emirates shared a unique relationship premised on historical, cultural and economic ties, underpinned by mutual trust and respect.

He said this while meeting with the media delegation of UAE.  He said that Pakistan highly values its friendship and fraternal relations with the country.

The information minister said Pakistan would like to further enhance co-operation and collaboration between the two countries in areas mutually beneficial to the people of both lands. He said that forging cordial relations with the government of UAE was the top priority of the Government as UAE had always been at the forefront in delivering humanitarian relief and assistance to Pakistan in times of need.

While highlighting the priorities of government, the Information minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had constituted 15 task forces to deal with multiple challenges and issue of environment had been placed on top of its agenda in line with PTI manifesto. He said that Prime Minister had formed the team of capable persons with requisite expertise in the relevant fields with a view to devise and implement a comprehensive strategy to take the country out of myriads of issues and challenges including energy, environment and economy.

He reiterated that Pakistanis were a resilient nation and would surmount all the challenges through impregnated unity and collective will.

He informed the delegation that government was seriously contemplating to introduce some robust  reforms in the local government system of the country as it believed that transfer of power at the grass root level and people’s easy excess to their concerned representatives would not only empower  them but would also help them in the resolution of their basic issues