Bureaucrats hesitant to hold key posts involving money, major decisions: report


A number of bureaucrats who were part of the previous government are hesitant to hold key posts, especially those involving money or major decisions as they fear court humiliation, NAB inquires and threats made by politicians.

According to a local media report, in normal situations, those sidelined by a government play the victim card for the next set-up especially if it is led by an opposition party. However, in this case, many senior, mid-career and junior administrative officers who were not given “key posts despite being honest” have said that they cannot afford public humiliation for administrative work.

An officer quoted by the local media said that one of his colleagues who was considered an “honest officer” was given a key post during the caretaker government. He did not take any major decision but still desired a side posting now. The reason simply is that he did not want any public humiliation or inquiry.

The officials said they were not against accountability of the corrupt or the inefficient. But this must be done without intimidating the entire government machinery.