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Don’t claim victory too soon: Geert Wilders warns Pakistan

Anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker, who recently cancelled his infamous blasphemous caricatures contest, has warned Pakistan against declaring an early victory, disclosing his future plans of ‘exposing barbarism’.

Responding to the statement of Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Wilders tweeted, “Don’t claim victory too soon @pid_gov I am not finished with you yet. I will expose your barbarism in many other ways.”

He reacted to the remarks of FM Qureshi as shared by the Government of Pakistan official Twitter account in which he said, “Cancellation of blasphemous contest is a great moral victory of Muslim Ummah.”

On Thursday, Wilders announced cancelling his plans to hold the blasphemous caricatures contest, against which Tehrrek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) was leading a rally to Islamabad.

Geert stated on his Twitter account that he was cancelling the contest as it could pose danger of violence against innocent people.

In a published statement he said he would never personally stop his campaign against Islam but the risk to innocents, and of attacks on the Netherlands, stemming from the proposed contest, were too great.

“My point about the intolerant nature of Islam has been proved again by this,” he said.

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