Child forced to join transgender persons’ group, beaten upon refusal


BAHAWALNAGAR: Transgender persons have allegedly beaten up a young boy after he refused to change his appearance and join their group.

The video of the incident has also gone viral on the social media.

As per the details, the incident occurred in Haroonabad, a tehsil of the Bahawalnagar district. According to reports, the child was searching for a job to feed his family when he was taken to a group of transgender persons for assistance.

Upon meeting them, he was forced to work with them.

The transgender persons also forced the boy to change his appearance and start the working, but the boy refused and attempted to leave the place. Upon this, he was thrashed by the group members.

It may be noted here that the Senate had approved the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2018 in March. The bill was aimed at ensuring the rights of transgender persons.

Under the bill, transgender persons will be able to register to obtain a driving license and passport. They will have the option to get their gender changed in the National Database and Registration Authority’s record as well.

It was stated in the bill that harassment of transgender persons will be prohibited in and outside their homes. They will not be discriminated against by educational institutions, employers, in trade and health services, when using public transport and buying, selling or renting property.


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