Pakistani-Americans contribute $16,000 for Diamer-Bhasha dam fund


ISLAMABAD: The Associations of Pakistan-Americans (APA) on Thursday donated US$16,000 to the Diamer-Bhasha dam fund as they celebrated Pakistan’s Independence Day in Bolingbrook, Illinois, US.

The country’s Independence Day is being celebrated by the overseas Pakistanis’ organisation for the last 27 years, three years after its incepti0on.

Celebrations included entertaining performances by singers including Ali Haider and Malika Faisal.

The APA felicitated Bolingbrook Police Officer Robert Liazuk with a community service award given to him by Vice Consul Rabia Shafiq.

The occasion was celebrated with fervour as the crowd chanted slogans such as “Pakistan Zindabad” and took part in a flag-hoisting ceremony and cultural exhibition.

Earlier on August 15, it was reported that the response from overseas Pakistani’s has generally been tepid, as they had sent Rs6.92 million to the fund out of the total collection of Rs861 million.

An update issued by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on August 15 stated that total collection within Pakistan was recorded at Rs854.8 million.

Overseas Pakistanis may deposit their contributions to the fund in cash, cheques, pay orders, demand drafts etc. at the Pakistani missions in the relevant country. They too can make the contributions through credit/debit cards from anywhere in the world.

Overseas Pakistanis having PKR accounts in Pakistan can also make donations through internet banking facility of their respective banks.