Pakistan considers China ‘protective shield’ amid Pak-US tensions


Pakistan considers China a ‘big shield’ if the United States exerts diplomatic pressure on Pakistan during the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit in Islamabad on September 5.

A day after the secretary of state’s visit, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will visit Islamabad on September 7.

Talking to a private media outlet, senior officials at the foreign ministry said that China was a ‘great cover’ for Pakistan amid tensions with the US and Islamabad considered Beijing a ‘protective shield.’

One official added that China and Pakistan did not have negative baggage and China has helped Pakistan out on different occasions.

“We have no trust issues with China. We can discuss anything. China has supported us through thick and thin,” the official added.

“If talks with Pompeo are not too positive, we have the options of China and Russia. Chinese FM’s visit is meaningful (due to its timing),” he said.

Another official said Pakistan was willing to be flexible but will not be ready to compromise on the national interest.

“China and Russia are our priority now. During Chinese FM’s visit, we will discuss how to strengthen the relationship further. This will reduce our dependence on the US.”