Larkana’s civic issues to be resolved at earliest, vows LG minister


LARKANA: Local Government (LGG) Minister Saeed Ghani on Thursday vowed to resolve the civic problems of Larkana, including its poor drainage system, on a priority basis.

Talking to media at local press club after paying visits to several localities of Larkana where he found heaps of garbage and overflowing sewerage drains, he said that Karachi’s mandate has historically been stolen, and this time it was robbed by PTI as it won 14 seats in Karachi, which was against the ground realities.

He said illegal encroachment is big problem of Larkana which will be addressed soon. He said a change will be visible in all big cities of Sindh within next five months.

He said that sanitary and civic conditions of Larkana are not as bad as told by ithe media. He, however, conceded that the Larkana Development Authority (LDA) is dysfunctional, which shall soon be made operational.

He said a lot is needed to be done to keep Larkana neat and clean and its drainage system also needs to be improved. He said issues exist in the entire province but they don’t have required means and facilities to tackle them in one go.

Saeed Ghani said that Local Government Commission will be made functional and all employees of the local government will be paid their salaries through relevant district accounts offices.