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Ban polythene bags, plastic products, Sindh CM urged

Senator Murtaza Wahab on Tuesday wrote to Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to put a ban on polythene and plastic products citing the adverse effects they have on the environment.

“No person shall import, manufacture, stockpile, trade, supply, distribute or sell any plastic product which is non-degradable,” the letter said.

Throwing weight over the matter, the Senator insisted that the ban should be imposed on all types of flexible plastic packaging and disposable plastic products, which dominates with its utility for food packaging and general use.

Products such as shopping bags, garbage bags, snacks packs, water and milk packaging, shrink wraps, bubble pellet was, films, liners, woven and on-woven bags, as well as much films, were declared as those detrimental to the environment.

Wahab lamented that the masses had surrendered to such harmful products despite the availability of legal provisions.

He asserted that the matter should be brought into Cabinet’s discussion and immediate action should be enforced in the province to quell the extensive of environment pollutants.

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