‘West Indies immigration officer looks at my passport, says I like your new PM’


Pakistani cricket journalist and statistician Mazher Arshad shared his recent experience on Twitter stating that after looking at his passport, the immigration officer in St Lucia told him that he likes Pakistan’s prime minister.

Mazher tweeted: “The immigration officer at the airport in Saint Lucia (West Indies) looks at my passport and says I like your prime minister. .”

Responding to Arshad’s tweet, other social media users expressed happiness over it and some also shared their own experiences of a similar nature.

One user wrote: “One of my Brit colleagues msg me on IK oath-taking day and talked positive abt . PS: he is not following cricket much.”

Another wrote about his experience with Indian an couple stating, “An Indian couple congratulated me in Madina for Imran Khan and said, “ab to sab acha ho Jaye ga”.

One wrote: “Yesterday my Sikh neighbour met my husband after a long time and congratulated him for PM Imran Khan.”

A West Indian Twitterati agreed with the tweet and wrote: “Absolutely! So do I, and probably every other West Indian. The name is huge to every Wi who has watched him captain cricket team. He’s legendary, and we’re hoping he can bring victory to his country and people in the same way.”