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PTI govt ignores ‘Rules of Business’ in cabinet meetings

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government did not observe the Rules of Business 1973 in its first two cabinet meetings.

According to a report by a private media outlet, summaries were submitted to the cabinet without following the Rules of Business 1973.

For inclusion of a case in the agenda of a cabinet meeting, the summaries of all cabinet committee cases needs to be sent to the cabinet division seven days before the cabinet meeting and comments of concerned ministries/divisions, as well as the approval of the minister in-charge, needs to be taken.

The rules further elaborate that when a portfolio of a ministry has not been allocated to a minister, that ministry or division shall be in the charge of the prime minister. In that case, the summary should be submitted to the division upon approval of the prime minister acting in his capacity as minister of state. The summary cannot be submitted by any other official body without special authorization from the PM.

However, a summary regarding working week duration was added by the establishment division to the agenda of the 2nd meeting of the federal cabinet on August 24. The working paper was submitted without taking the input of the ministries/division concerned and the condition of seven-day advance submission was not followed.

The cabinet division does not have any liability to accept summaries after the designated time period has passed. If a case summary reaches the division late, it may be put on the agenda for a subsequent meeting.

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