FIA to conduct forensic audits of housing societies in Islamabad


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has planned to conduct forensic audits of all housing societies operating in Islamabad under orders from the Supreme Court and has asked the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to nominate a focal person in this regard, according to a report in the local media.

In an official letter dated Aug 17, 2018, addressed to CDA Chairman Ishrat Ali, FIA Director Shakeel Durrani informed that the agency would conduct forensic audits of Islamabad’s housing societies under orders from the Supreme Court. The SC in its May 8 judgement had directed the FIA to hold forensic audits of all housing societies operating under the governing bodies and law enforcement agencies, under the supervision of the FIA director general.

The FIA in the letter requested a focal person to coordinate with the FIA teams as well as a suitable space or room for three to four weeks where the teams could look into records and their completion with the nominated focal person’s assistance.

Over 150 approved and unapproved housing societies exist in the capital, and most operators have not developed their societies according to their promises.

Moreso, many operators have taken over amenities plots that were originally reserved for mosques, schools and parks.

Meanwhile, the CDA, has not taken drastic action against powerful developers who have been found to be violating rules and regulations and earning billions from the public.

The CDA websites have named almost 108 illegal housing societies in Islamabad further stating that there are 59 housing societies under the titles of private housing societies in Islamabad, and most of these do not have no-objection certificates (NOC) from the CDA.

An inside source revealed that there are currently just 24 housing societies that possess NOCs, but legal and illegal housing societies have continued to buy and sell land. For example, Ghori Town, an illegal housing society that is thriving and has developed into many phases.

The CDA broke its silence on the sale and purchase of plots in illegal housing societies almost two years ago, when it linked utility connections to CDA NOCs and landed citizens in trouble.

By the time the CDA had banned utility connections, most societies had already sold plots to citizens.

Sources in the CDA said that authority has begun work in light of the FIA’s letter, and the agency will be informed of an available space for their teams within the next few days.

When asked whether the audit will cover all 109 illegal and 59 approved societies, an official said the CDA has the records of 59 societies that had applied for their layout plans or NOCs but “it will be up to the FIA whether they also probe housing societies”.

The housing society directorate falls under the administrative control of the member planning but there is currently no regular member planning. Design Director General Ehsanul Haq is temporarily looking after the office.