FDE to take over 80 renovated schools


80 schools will be handed over to the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) after being renovated under the Prime Minister’s Education Reform Programme.

Under the reform programme, all 422 educational institutions in the federal capital were to be renovated in three phases- 22 in the first phase, and 200 each in the next two phases. However, the Sharif-led government could not complete the project and could only see through the first phase.

Contractors and project directors claim that 80 schools out of the remaining 400 are ready to be handed over. Four teams devised by the FDE will inspect the school buildings before the directorate decides if the builds are ready to be taken over.

Talking to a private media outlet, FDE Director General Hasnat Qureshi said, “My teams have almost finalised their reports and in the coming days, we will decide if we want to take over the schools. Otherwise, we will ask the contractors to complete their work.”