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Explainer: What causes the monsoon rains?

With the monsoon season coming to an end, it is helpful to learn what exactly causes the seasonal rainfall pattern in Pakistan in particular and South Asia in general.

The primary reason for the rainfall during the summers is because of temperature differences between land and the ocean. Rising temperatures in South Asia from April onwards heat up the land areas while the ocean remains relatively cooler, resulting in the creation of a low-pressure zone over South Asia. The low-pressure zone then causes the moist air above the ocean to move on to land and results in rainfall.

Monsoon season in the country generally lasts between June and August and is a critical component of Pakistan’s climate, its economy and agriculture. Monsoon rains are also responsible for some of the largest floods in the country’s history.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) keeps track of these developments.

Here is an interesting video from NASA that visualises and explains the seasonal pattern.

Courtesy: NASA Goddard

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