By-elections in PB-35 Mastung, PB-40 Khuzdar to be held on October 14


ISLAMABAD: By-elections on two provincial assembly seats in Balochistan-PB-35 Mastung and PB-40 Khuzdar— will be held on October 14, according to an Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) notification.

According to the ECP, nomination papers will be distributed and collected between August 28-30 and a list of the candidates will be published on August 31.

The scrutiny of the election papers will be completed by September 4.

Any appeals against the nominations will be heard till September 8 and decisions regarding these appeals will be announced by the appeals tribunal by September 13.

A finalised list of candidates for the by-elections will be published on September 14. The last day for candidates to withdraw their papers will be September 15.

Electoral symbols will be allotted to the candidates by September 16.

The election was postponed for PB-35 Mastung after a terrorist attack on Siraj Raisani while the PB-40 Khuzdar seat was vacated by Sardar Akhtar Mengal after he opted to retain his National Assembly seat.