Shiekh Rasheed seeks details of vehicle use by railway officials


LAHORE: Railways Minister Shiekh Rasheed on Saturday sought details about protocol vehicles used by officials, clarifying that expensive cars and protocols will no longer be available for official use.

Rasheed had previously stated that all rest houses under the ministry will be sold off to manage a Rs40 billion deficit.

During a visit to Lahore, he maintained that the new government is fully committed to eliminating corruption in Pakistan Railways.

Furthermore, he pledged to cooperate with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and said any individual in Pakistan Railways involved in corrupt activities will be handed over to the bureau.

Shiekh Rasheed announced that a double track will be laid between Peshawar and Lahore and 32 railways stations will be upgraded across the country. In order to secure the track, trees will be planted on both sides, he explained.

Private companies have also been invited by the minister to advertise on rail cabins. He also called on those who had illegally occupied land owned by Pakistan Railways to vacate, adding that the next cabinet meeting will discuss the matter.

Rasheed further announced that around 5,000 houses will be built for grade-4 employees of the ministry.