P&D official sacked for violating discipline



An officer of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms has been removed from his post and directed to report to the establishment wing of the ministry over violation of discipline and lack of understanding of administrative work, reported a private media outlet

Shahid Zia Cheema, the officer in question, has been continuously violating discipline on different occasions taking things in his hand, said a statement issued by the ministry on Friday. “Inquiry is already underway against him on sheer violation of the discipline,” it added.

The officer had also written a letter without having knowledge about rules, competence and used slanderous language bypassing all norms, according to the statement. “Hence, his removal from the post has been done in the interest of governance and discipline which has to prevail at all cost.”

According to the ministry, official decorum has to be sustained and cannot be subservient to the whims of an official “who lacks knowledge and is spoiling his efforts in inter personal issues instead of concentrating on his work.”