Kalash people pay homage to nature during Uchal festival


CHITRAL: The Kalash community’s Uchal festival which is a thanksgiving occasion for the harvest and threshing of wheat crop in the valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur concluded.

This year, the Kalash festival and the Eidul Azha coincided with each other as it happens after every 36 years. Lavish distribution of cheese and other milk products are made to mark this occasion, while singing and dancing is part of each Kalash festival.

It was a rare occasion to see the two communities celebrate their rituals simultaneously giving a message of harmony and amity to the tourists visiting the area. The community during this festival pay homage to nature by celebrating the harvest and also thanking their Creator for blessing them with good food and crops.

The Kalash people take a procession to a high plateau which is located outside to the village in Balangkuru and they pray to the Creator and this is where the long night of dancing begins. This festival is moved to different locations of the valleys and it continues for several days.

The blockade of the main road has hampered the local people to visit Chitral town for shopping activity which is considered an important part of the festivity. First Kalash lawmaker Wazirzada welcomed many local and foreign tourists attending a different function at different places.