A man hit his wife in public and this is what people had to say


A woman who was slapped by her husband in public following an argument on Saturday was seen defending her husband as the police took him towards the railway police station.

According to official sources, the couple belonged to Shujabad city and were heading to Sehwan Sharif along with their children.

At one point, the woman, who is tugging at the arm of one of the men taking away her husband, is seen biting his hand in an attempt to free her husband.



The man, identified as Aslam, in a fit of rage, had slapped his wife. The woman started hue and cry and many people gathered to thrash the husband.

The video which went viral on social media brought forward some rather interesting comments, to say the least.

Facebook user Mian Awais commented, “Aaj kal ki aurathain hain he marnay k laik (Women these days deserve to be beaten up).”



“Every household has its ups and downs, focus on rapists instead of publicising a couple’s life,” commented Intkhab Alam.

Another user, Hafiz M Saeed Hashmi said that the police should not have gotten involved and that the whole exercise was futile as the police would release the abuser after taking a bribe anyway.



However, they were also those who denounced the incident.

“Our prophet (SAW) never hit a woman! Real men don’t hit women,” commented Jabran Firdous. However, he was negated by another man’s opinion which said that society should not react to domestic violence at all.



While some people were advocating the man for being poor and frustrated, Shazia Zulfiqar Rana said: “Being poor is not a license to beat your wife”.

The Railways police arrested the man. However, after a request from his wife, the police released him. The man later on also begged pardon from his wife for slapping him.