AJK celebrates Eid with zeal


MIRPUR (AJK): People across Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) celebrated the sanctified festival of Eidul Azha on Wednesday with traditional religious zeal and fervour coupled with the renewal of the pledge to continue acting upon the Islamic teachings besides upholding Islam.

The day dawned with special prayers in the mosques for the stability, integrity, unity and solidarity of the Muslim Ummah, progress and prosperity of Pakistan and AJK, the liberation of all occupied Muslim homelands including Palestine and Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir as well as, for the success of the Kashmir freedom movement.

Eidul Azha prayer congregations were held at all small and major cities and towns of all ten districts of the liberated territory where the people offered Eid prayer at the mosques, Eid Gahs and open places. The biggest Eid congregation in the AJK capital was held at Markazi Eid Gah where thousands of Muslims offered Eid prayers.

Ulema and Khateebs from different schools of thought delivered special sermons to highlight the significance of the day and the purpose of the sacrifice rendered by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) centuries ago.

They strongly condemned the ban imposed by Indian occupational forces in occupied Jammu and Kashmir over slaughtering of the sacrificial animals including cows and selling of beef in the wake of recently renewed human rights abuse and state terrorism in Indian occupied Kashmir.

They expressed solidarity with the valiant armed forces of Pakistan for successfully conducting the ongoing operation ‘Rudd-ul-Fasaad’ after to ‘Zarb-e-Azab’ to eliminate terrorism from the country.

AJK Prime Minister (PM) Raja Farooq Haider Khan offered Eid prayer in Muzaffarabad and later while talking to a delegation of masses, strongly condemned the continued carnage of innocent people in occupied Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian forces – besides expressing solidarity, love and affection for the suffering Kashmiri brethren in their just and principled struggle for liberation of the motherland from Indian yoke.

Later on, the ‘Farzandan-e-Touheed’ sacrificed the permitted animals including camels, cows, sheep and goats following the footsteps of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) who by obeying the order of Allah Almighty, asked his son Hazrat Ismail (AS) for his sacrifice. A sheep was slaughtered instead and Muslims were directed to commemorate the event every year.

Foolproof security arrangements were made for Eidul Azha congregations during Eid prayers.


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