The scientific proof for God’s existence

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‘God does not exist’ is the latest fashion and being an atheist is the new ‘cool’ in Lahore’s younger social circles. Much has been said about God’s existence and much has been said to contradict that. Scientific thought is usually used to disavow believers of their belief in a supernatural creator. The question, however, is whether science itself can be used to prove that God exists?

Let’s explore Einstein’s Theory of Relativity with a God angle. The much glorified scientist explains that the cause of gravity is the displacement of space and time. If this is held to be correct, then the absence of gravity or the absence of space-time must be pure gravity. Why? Because according to the Law of Flow, things will flow to the point of least resistance. That point is where there will be nothing to resist. Therefore, at the point of least resistance there would be pure gravity since at that point there is no displacement as there is no resistance and there is an absence of space and time.

Let’s move on to Black holes for a moment. Black holes are an absence of space and time. To put it in easier words, there is no resistance in Black Holes and not even light can escape their ‘pull’. Now, if the entire universe is the Higg’s field and space-time, and the entire space-time of matter and everything, then logically whatever is outside the realm of the universe must automatically be a complete absence of space and time. Then the ‘outside’ is a complete ‘void’.

Following from that and if the universe is not continuously expanding, as science says, into the void around itself, then logically it is falling. Now, think about the start of time for a moment. Science has already claimed an estimated age for the universe, i.e. 13.772 billion years with 59 billion years as the uncertainty value. Therefore, an estimated 13.772 billion years ago, the entire universe was reduced to a single singularity; a particle which was smaller than a quark. The Quran says, “The heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit, before we clove them asunder.” (21:30). Now, the fact that gravity is always in work, which means that if you threw this newspaper from your table it would not start to fall down after thirty seconds, it would fall as soon as you throw it.

Therefore, if gravity was working and the singularity was always there, since it was the beginning of time and as atheists like to point out, then logically the universe must not have an age because it would be ‘olim in fi nite’, i.e. infinitely old. But is it? No, it’s not. It has an age. It is 13.772 billion years old. Now for a moment, thing about science’s ‘irrefutable Law of Causation’; everything has a cause, every phenomenon has a rational explanation and something must have happened because something caused it. Therefore, something that came into existence, i.e. the universe, could not have come from nothing because something would have to cause the existence otherwise something which is nothing would have to cause itself which is illogical because nothing cannot cause nothing or anything for that matter, well unless “Kun Faya Kun”. From this follows, ‘something other’ than matter or gravity did indeed create the singularity. Hence, that ‘something other’ can be observed as God.

Now, if you’re looking for an absolute scientific law or formula, here is your ‘logical’ problem; If you found the formula for God and only then believed that God exists, you would be staring at an infinitely retrogressive cycle

Now Hawking’s theory that no ‘cause’ exists because of gravity. On scientific principle, gravity cannot bring itself to create something on its own because gravity is unable to do anything for that matter unless it is acting against something. Moreover, pure gravity in itself is ‘nothing’, as stated earlier, and ‘nothing’ applied against ‘nothing’ equals ‘nothing’.  

Following the ‘explosion’; “turned to the sky, and it had been as smoke. He said to it and to the earth: ‘Come together, willingly or unwillingly.’ They said: ‘We come together in willing obedience,” says the Quran (41:11).

Now, if you’re looking for an absolute scientific law or formula, here is your ‘logical’ problem; If you found the formula for God and only then believed that God exists, you would be staring at an infinitely retrogressive cycle. How? If you found an absolute law to prove God’s existence, you would back it with a mathematical formula. For example; you believe Kinetic energy exists because Kinetic energy (E) is equal to mass (m) times the square of the speed of light (c2), hence E=Mc2. Hence, if you had a formula for God’s existence, you could use the formula to produce Him. On the other hand, by the very nature of the phenomenon of God, as the Quran explains, “Say: He is Allah, the one and only! Allah the eternal, absolute; He begeteth not nor is he begotten.” This means that if you had a formula for God, that indeed would not be the formula for God as he is eternal and cannot be “begotten”.

As the people of Pakistan are inclined to lend an ear to Iqbal rather than greater intellectuals of the sub-continent, here is an argument. According to Iqbal, humans use inner experience, history and nature to derive knowledge and hence, that knowledge is flawed. It can be close to Bertrand Russel’s ‘logical Atom’ but not quite there.

The final question; How can one reach God? The absolute answer: Walk the way of the Shahideen: Those whose actions have authority from the Prophet (PBUH) and whose words have authority from the Quran, those who neither speak nor do out of their own will.