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Missed PM Imran’s address? Read from his handwritten notes

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s maiden address to the nation has received immense praise from various circles as he raised various issues that are rarely discussed.

The prime minister promised austerity, rule of law, human development, and tax regimen overhaul in his ‘Naya Pakistan’ as he acknowledged multipronged challenges faced by the country.

Some of the points he discussed included child abuse, street children, tourism, pollution, foreign investment, facilities for overseas Pakistanis, incentive for reporting corruption (whistleblower act), prioritising legal assistance to widows, support for orphans and across the board reforms.



Often praised for his speeches, PM Imran didn’t read from a script, unlike his opponents. The only thing he did was to bring with him some bullet points and discuss them in real-time.

Like any high school student coming in to give a power point presentation before his teacher, the premier brought several pages just to get those cues at the right moment and to swiftly switch from one topic to another.

No doubt, the newly-elected prime minister knows how to keep the ball rolling and with the preparation of key stats, he has impressed even his harsh critics with such a progressive attitude.

There are many issues that PM Imran forgot to mention during his address, but one shouldn’t be worried. After all, this was only his second day after assuming the office.

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