IGP directs best security arrangements on Eidul Azha


LAHORE: Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Syed Kaleem Imam on Monday directed all officers and officials to remain alert and ensure safety and security of the lives and properties of citizens during Eid days.

According to police sources, the IGP ordered to make special parking arrangements for the areas where large gatherings are expected and depute police officials and volunteers for security duty. He said that only those organisations would be allowed to collect hides of sacrificial animals, which were approved by the government.

Around 48,850 officers would perform their duty for the security of 23,503 mosques, Imam-bargahs and Eidgahs, while 1,575 CCTV cameras, 11,007 metal detectors and 162 walk-through gates would be used for security purposes, police spokesperson said.

The IGP has also ordered that search, sweep and intelligence-based combing operations would be continued in the surroundings of sensitive mosques and Imam-bargahs.

“All open-air gatherings will be covered with tents and the activities of the people under fourth schedule should also be observed strictly,” ordered the police chief, adding that a strict action should be taken against the display of weapons and aerial firing.

He said that zero tolerance policy would be adopted against those who would violate the Punjab Sound System Regulation Act and other laws as well. “Traffic police, in collaboration with district police, should take action against one-wheelers and police force will remain active to save the citizens from robbers and thieves in the surroundings of commercial areas, banks and sacrificial animal markets.”

Dr Kaleem also said that special cops will be deployed for the safety and security of zoo, parks and other recreational areas. “Patrolling hours of QRF, Dolphin and patrolling force should be increased on all major roads and highways and special plans should be formulated to ensure the smooth flow of traffic during Eid days.”


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