VIDEO: You can’t fine me as my father is an influential officer, boy tells policeman


A traffic police official was rewarded by for refusing to budge and fining the son of an influential person’s son despite the latter’s threats, media reports said.

After a video went viral, Traffic DIG Ahmed Ishaq Jahangir praised him and announced a reward for him.

Earlier in the same day, a video circulating on social media shows a boy warning a traffic police officer that he cannot be issued a ticket because his father is an influential officer and friends with Inspector General (IG) of Sindh police.

“You should be careful about yourself and the uniform as this may not end well for you,” the boy apparently had threatened the police officer.

Upon being told by the officer that he violated the traffic signal, the boy replied that everyone does this and he has never been stopped before.

“You are the first one who did this because usually, police let the big vehicle go because they don’t want to get in any trouble,” the boy said, adding his father is friends with a number of important officials.


The officer told the youngster that he is the future of Pakistan and if his generation will not follow the rules, it will not be good for the country.

“Everyone of you follows the rules in other countries but not in Pakistan,” the officer said.

After the officer repeatedly asked him to hand over his license, the boy told him that he is 17 years old. “You are underage and this is another serious violation,” the officer told him.

The video ended when the youngster handed over a photocopy of car papers to the officer.


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