Rawalpindi teenager dies after being gang-raped for two days


ISLAMABAD: A teenager from Rawalpindi died on Sunday after she was allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint from her home and was sexually assaulted by two men for two days.

The 16-year-old girl, who was a student 8th grade, was kidnapped by one of the two suspects, Imran, on the night of August 8, said the family.

She was recovered after the second suspect, Javed, from a neighbouring village, approached the girl’s father saying his daughter was in Chakwal and offered help in bringing her back if the family paid him Rs3,000.

The family paid the man, who told them that their daughter would reach home in two hours. But she did not.

Next morning, when the girl’s father went to Javed’s house, he found his daughter unconscious. Javed claimed that he had just brought her back from Chakwal and handed her over.

Her family later informed the police that she was kept in Javed’s house for two days, where Javed and Imran took turns to rape her.

Rawat police had registered a rape case against the two suspects but did not arrest them until the girl died on Sunday morning.

The girl’s family said that she was unwell ever since the incident. “She threw up and died soon afterwards at around 5 am on Sunday,” a family member said.

The exact cause of death remains unknown and will be ascertained after the post-mortem report.


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