Hira Ali Studios: Fashion for the younger generation


LAHORE: The fashion industry in the country is an ever-evolving business as new designers are making their way through to make a mark in the industry.

It is important to understand that fashion trends keep changing and that is exactly why we need fresh blood to bring something new and contemporary to the table.

There is no denying that veteran designers have worked very hard to set a high standard for the Pakistani industry, but one must have what it takes to stand out when it comes to launching a label.

The Pakistani industry is fiercely competitive and with a new label launching every other day it can be said that maintaining a brand can be difficult because one must not only have that certain ‘uniqueness’ to their ensembles but should maintain the designing aesthetics as well.

Pakistan Today had a little chat with a new designer on the block Hira Ali, a graduate from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD).

She started by showcasing her thesis collection ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ during the Bank Al-Falah Rising Talent segment at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2016.

Hira launched her label ‘Hira Ali Studios’ a few years ago and has never failed to leave an impact on the audience with each collection that she has launched ever since. Not only that, a minimalist approach towards the designs is the core feature of the brand.

“Hira Ali Studios is an extension of myself, every design I create is something that I would wear as well,” said the designer.

With a distinctive taste when it comes to most things, including fashion, Hira, with a unique perception of the world around her puts it into her designs.

“Hira Ali Studios and all of its designs are how I would like to see the world around me,” she added.

For a person who has always been opinionated about fashion, what she wears, what looks best on others and fashion in general; it was a no-brainer that a fashion label was on the agenda.

While talking about the beginning of her journey Hira said that “my journey in fashion formally started at home, I was encouraged by my parents to explore art and literature,” adding that fashion for her “is a direct reflection of your personality, which is modern, edgy, and minimal in my case”.

Zara Peerzada.JPG

Her recent collection ‘Women is Future’ was displayed at the 11th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) 2018, which was a collection dedicated to all the strong women out there. Being an advocate for women empowerment, Hira said that there is a lot everyone can do to change the lives of women in the country.

“In all our campaigns either explicitly or implicitly we try and get the message out, but at the same time there is so much more we need to do.”

Moreover, the young designer quoted Zara Peerzada, a model as an example and said that “she is making sure her voice is heard on every platform and we should all learn from her and do the same to change the future of women in our country”.

Break The Mould 9.jpg

After the recent success at PSFW 2018, Hira is all set to take the stage with her debut bridal collection ‘Snaptrapped’ on the ramp at the upcoming PFDC L’Oreal Bridal Week 2018.

While talking about the collection she says, “It is quintessential Hira Ali. It’s minimal, edgy, modern and transformative,” adding that “the designs created here are for those who are ready to step out of the mould!”

Moreover, the colour palette being introduced for this collection is “quite extraordinary”.

“We start off with a navy blue transition into red and then make our journey towards lilac. In terms of technique, design and composition of embroidery we are introducing quite a few new propositions for the ‘Hira Ali Woman’; the inspiration behind the collection as well.”

Hira Ali Woman is someone who does not conform to the norms of the world. She is a wild, rebellious woman and defines her own standards of beauty.

When asked Hira how she wants women to feel when they wear her clothes, she said that she wants them to feel “extraordinary,” adding that “I want them to feel like they own the world and feel confident when carrying my ensembles”.

The Other Side - Hira Ali Studios - 2.jpg

She continued to add that this campaign, just like her previous one also carries an important message.

“I believe that all narratives must talk about the human condition, especially from our generation in one way or the other, so that they become narratives worth listening to.”

Break The Mould 17.jpg

Moreover, Hira is ‘over the moon’ for getting an opportunity to showcase her collection at the biggest platform in the industry.

“It is a big deal to be handpicked by Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) Chairperson Sehyr Saigol. She has always supported talented designers and there are so many examples of that in the industry, including myself.”

Saigol has encouraged new talent to make their way through this platform.

“She has personally encouraged me as a mentor to not be ordinary, or fall in the trap of doing what everyone else is doing,” Hira added.

It is a known fact that there is pressure on designers to create something new and something different with every passing season, thus Hira concluded this little conversation with a piece of advice for the upcoming designers. “Every collection you create is your greatest if you’re creating art.”