Twitter divides over Bushra Maneka’s attire at oath-taking ceremony


People took to Twitter to express what they thought of First Lady of Pakistan, Bushra Maneka’s attire at her husband, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony on Saturday. Bushra Bibi attended the ceremony in a white coloured burqa.

Twitter users seem to be divided over the affair. One camp believes that Bushra’s attire was “funny” and “super conservative” which does not speak too well for Pakistan.

Imran’s wife’s attire is funny and we have all the right to make fun of it. You cannot dress like a ninja to your husband’s oath taking ceremony and then expect people to not make fun of you

— Basit (@iBasitt) August 18, 2018

it’s a little bit foreboding that the guy who is PM denounces feminism and his wife is dressed in a super conservative veil.

— Mahwash Ajaz (@mahwashajaz_) August 18, 2018

The other camp jumped to Bushra for “making her own choices” since women should be the one to decide “how covered or uncovered” they would like to be.

Why can’t people understand that they do not have any right to tell a woman how covered or uncovered she should be?

She ain’t buying her dress from taxpayers money. That’s the only thing you should care about.

— Farrukh Abbas (@Farrukh_Abbas12) August 18, 2018

Everyone who is mocking the first lady’s attire should remember that being a liberal also entails respecting people for the choices they make. Didn’t know being an utter asshole was a pre-req.

— . (@lightermachis) August 18, 2018

My two cents about Bushra Imran’s attire:

I find her attire to be such a power move! PTI is repeatedly blamed to be spreading “behayai” and recently Reham’s book alleged that all women in PTI are just sex hungry & have loose moral. This is gonna burn more asses.

— Fariha Awan (@Fay_Alif) August 18, 2018


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