PEF-partner schools’ employees await two-month salary

  • Delay likely to spoil Eid celebrations

  • Spokesperson says cheques soon to be deposited in schools’ accounts

  • Officials receiving threats of protests, sources

LAHORE: Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has failed to ensure the smooth flow of payments to the employees of its partner schools for past two months, which in turn has resulted in school owners failing to issue salaries to thousands of teachers and other staff, it was observed.

Responding to the current situation, PEF Spokesperson Aruj Salman said, “Payments were only delayed due to the procedure for releasing the budget for PEF which affected the smooth delivery of payments, but we are working to make payments before Eid-ul-Azha. Hopefully, the payment will be released before Eid holidays as the cheques are ready to be transferred to the school’s accounts.”

Delayed financial assistance for the month of June has been paid to partner schools already. The aim is to make sure that all remaining payments are made as soon as possible, said the spokesperson.

Moreover, sources told Pakistan Today that PEF’s high officials are receiving threatening messages of protests outside their homes on Eid.

Similarly, in June, the owners and teachers under Education Voucher Scheme (EVS) had protested against the administration of PEF outside Lahore Press Club. The protestors related to partner schools demanded the payments.

More than 10,000 schools are registered with the PEF as school partners.