CDA workers not to get leave on Eid


More than 2,000 members of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) will not get any leave for Eid-ul-Azha 2018. On the directions of Islamabad Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz, the Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) has arranged a special “cleanliness operation” to dispose of the waste and carcasses of sacrificial animals properly.

60 deep ditches at appropriate locations have been dug so that waste can be disposed of by hygiene standards. Two emergency cells have been installed, one at Transport Section, fire Headquarters while the other one at Sanitation Directorate, Sector G-6 1/4 which will be functional around the clock.

MCA has appealed to citizens not to throw waste materials of animals in the green areas and place them in front of their homes so sanitary workers can pick and dispose of them properly.


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