Karachi’s ‘new water connections’ approval delayed


Delay in decision making by various government and civic entities has resulted in low commercial construction activity in Karachi, reported a local media group.

Board members of No Objection Committee (NOC) revealed that Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB), opposing Supreme Court’s (SC) orders, has not yet lifted a ban on new water connections.

A ban was imposed by SC on March 16, 2017, on new water connections and construction of high rise buildings. After reviewing applications from different public quarters, the ban was lifted in January 2018 and a ‘No Objection’ Committee was formed to assist the KWSB managing director.

Reportedly, another committee, headed by the Sindh local government secretary, was formed. The committee comprised Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) Director General Iftikhar Qiamkhani and KWSB Managing Director Khalid Mahmood Sheikh. This committee was responsible for giving legal status to the new water connections.

However, KWSB Planning department’s Deputy Managing Director (DMD) Ayub Sheikh said that the meeting has been called off because the officials were busy with official obligations and that no decision has been taken on any formula for issuing of NOC and new water connections.


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