Justice Siddiqui challenges SJC order in apex court


ISLAMABAD: Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddique of Islamabad High Court (IHC) has challenged the orders of Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) in Supreme Court while the proceeding of reference against him is likely to be held in the start of September next.

Justice Shaukat Aziz took the stance in SC that he should be given the right of fair trial and he also requested to stop the proceeding of SJC till the decision on his request came out.

He further said in the plea given to SC that a petition regarding the details of the expenditures on the residents of the judges had been filed and the hearing of the case was completed in haste.

He further added that his plea had been expunged on 30th July.

“I am also a common citizen so the demands of justice should be fulfilled,” he held

It is to be mentioned that Justice Shaukat Aziz had demanded the open trial regarding the pending references in SJC but a five-member larger bench rejected his plea to stop the proceeding of SJC against him.

Judges of the bench remarked during the hearing that they want to hear the whole case rather than in piece. This is not such a case which could be buried while giving stay order

The court said that it is a different case because the constitutional clauses have been challenged in it.

‘’We are free judiciary, we want to announce the decision while hearing the case instead of delaying the case,” the court added.

It is to be mentioned that Justice Shaukat Aziz is alleged with violating the code of conduct by decorating his official residence.

SJC had also issued show cause notice to Shaukat Aziz in connection with his statement regarding an important institution of the country on 22 Feb 2018

It has been said in the show cause notice that his comments weakened the respect of important constitutional organization while this notice was issued by Advocate Kulsoom Khaleeq on filing the reference by the member of National Assembly Jamshaid Dasti.

Later, SJC while accepting the plea of Justice Shaukat Aziz allowed the hearing of the reference against him regarding corruption on 7th July 2018 which was happened for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

This order was challenged by Shaukat Aziz after which the 5-member bench of SC said that when a judge left his post than SJC can proceed against the judge in open court.

SC had directed the council to review its decision.


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