Students wave Pakistani flag in Srinagar’s Islamia College



A group of students of India-held Kashmir (IHK) on Tuesday raised the Pakistani national flag on top of Srinagar’s Islamia College of Science and Commerce to celebrate the country’s Independence Day, reported Indian media outlets.

According to reports, a group of students staged a pro-Pakistan demonstration outside the institute and raised slogans in favour of Pakistan.

The youngsters also chanted slogans like Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan (long live Pakistan) to protest against the illegal Indian occupation and express their allegiance with Pakistan.

A video posted on social media shows a group of masked men raising the Pakistani flag with the pro-freedom slogan “Pakistan Se Rishta Kya, La Ilaha Ilallah”, which means the religious bond connected Kashmir to Pakistan.

Several other similar demonstrations were reported across the occupied valley, in which protesters raised slogans in favour of Pakistan and against neighbouring India.


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