Reham advises Sethi to be ‘petrified’ as next book will include his ‘qisa’


Reham Khan, the former wife of prime minister-in-waiting Imran Khan, has “advised” Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi to be petrified as her next book will have his “qisa”.

Sethi and Reham exchanged tweets on Tuesday after a Twitter user claimed that the PCB chairman was behind Reham Khan’s first book which mainly targeted Imran Khan.

The user claimed: “Rumours circulating that two stinking rats and are hands and gloves with in writing her farrago of fifty lies aka book.”

Replying to the tweet, Reham Khan wrote: “Najam Sethi was so petrified of Imran’s vendetta he stayed well away from me. He doesn’t know I am not likely to forgive either.”

In reply to Reham’s tweet, Sethi, in rather a humorous way, said: “The truth probably is that we are BOTH petrified of YOU!  [Have a sense of humour!]”.

To this, Reham “advised” the PCB chief “to be petrified”,”You are well advised to be petrified. Brace yourself the next book will include your qisa”.

Sethi replied to this “advice” asking, “Why am I going to be punished? I haven’t done anything”.