Parwaaz Hai Junoon’s ‘Main Urra’ takes you on an emotional roller coaster


One of the much-awaited movies that is set to release this Eid ul Azha, Parwaaz Hai Junoon has unveiled its fourth song ‘Main Urra’ earlier this week, just in time for the Independence Day.

The film is a tribute to the Pakistan Air Force and its release just around the I-Day has given us a patriotic rush. The song honours our brave heroes who fought till the end, laying down their lives gladly for the country.

The song, picturised on Hamza Ali Abbasi, Shaz Khan and Ahad Raza Mir as they embark o a mission with such enthusiasm has left the audience emotional and we certainly cannot wait for the movie to hit cinemas soon.

The powerful video highlights the message of patriotism which brings a rush of adrenaline to the viewer. Featuring the young guns of the industry, the cinematography is beautifully done as the fighter jets pierce through the blue skies in all its glory.

Not only that Hamza Ali Abbasi seems to be loving the song and termed it as his ‘favourite song’ in the latest tweet.

The song has been composed, produced, written and executed by Shuja Haider.

The film is all about friendship, romance, nationalism and sacrifice. Also, from what we can tell after viewing the trailer is that there seems to be a love triangle along with some beautifully (so we hope) shot action sequences that will give wake the inner patriot in all of us.

Watch the song here:


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