‘Meet the Pakistani Donald Trump’: Trevor Noah brands Imran Khan, Trump as ‘twins’


South African comedian Trevor Noah has compared Pakistan’s would-be prime minister Imran Khan to US President Donald Trump, stressing that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief’s background story was “unnervingly similar” to that of Trump’s, wherein the two belonged to privileged families and were known for their good looks.

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” famed television host, who is known for never shying away from calling out world politics and the hypocrisy that it brings along, in a recent episode, has called Khan an “even more tan version of Trump”.

The 34-year-old comedian, has said that media also portrayed Khan and Trump similarly. A clip from the show features a political commentator stating that Khan seemed to contradict himself during speeches just like the US president had also often been accused of.

In a throwback interview presented on the show, Khan describes his lavish lair to “not be that lavish” after all and says that he has tried to make it “comfortable” for himself. Noah then points out at a picture of Khan’s old bedroom that he believes is a “part of Pakistan’s Trump Tower”.

The political commentator also went on to compare Trump and Khan’s career choices, stating that “while Trump was doing pizza adverts, Khan was promoting Pepsi”.

“Trump has three marriages in the tabloid, so did Khan. Trump thinks Islam is bad, where Khan lives is Islamabad,” joked Noah, while also pointing out the similiarity of words in Imran and Trunp’s speeches. He also said that just before the two were elected in their respective countries, they were entrapped in sexual harassment scandals.

In his concluding joke, Noah, who is branded for highlighting everything that is wrong across the world through satire, says “I don’t know if Prime Minister Khan will turn out to be exactly like President Trump. All I’m saying is that if you’re planning to move to Pakistan to escape Trump, you might want to pick some place else.”


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