Lahore police say Khara Sach host Lucman ‘has lied’


–Police reject Lucman’s claims regarding raid on party in Lahore, accuse him of ‘personal grudge’

LAHORE: Lahore Police spokesperson on Wednesday rejected allegations leveled against the department by senior anchorperson Mubasher Lucman and said the television host was only “avenging” the registration of a case against his gunmen.

In a statement issued here, the police department said that Sadar Division Operations SP Maaz Zafar’s character assassination was carried out in Lucman’s television programme by showing a video footage of an incident that had taken place in the Cantonment Division and an action had already been taken against those involved.

Last week, a video of a raid carried out by the police on a farmhouse in Cantonment Division’s Factory Area had surfaced. The footage showed police constables maltreating the people who had been arrested for partying. They had also released the video of the arrestees over the internet.

It was later aired by Lucman in his show ‘Khara Sach’ and he had claimed that the video was linked to Sadar Operations SP as the incident had taken place in his precinct.

“The accused police officers have already been dismissed from service and further departmental inquiry is being conducted,” said the statement issued on Wednesday, adding that Operations DIG Shahzad Akbar had also taken immediate notice of the incident.

Denying SP Maaz’s connection with the incident, police said that the allegations were “fake and baseless” and Lucman was only avenging a First Information Report (FIR) that had been registered against his gunmen at the Township Police Station for illegal display of weapons on July 2, 2018.

“The division is supervised by SP Maaz Zafar, and on this personal grudge, the anchorperson leveled the allegations and wrongly tried to connect the officer with the incident.”

The statement further said that the police had every legal right to expose such blackmailing and character assassination of any of its senior and honest police officers.

“We respect all institutions and hope that the media fraternity will take an action against such journalists,” concluded the statement.