Police officer allegedly rapes neighbour


LAHORE: A police officer allegedly raped a 20-year-old girl in the Shamke Bhattian neighbourhood of the city’s Manga Mandi area.

According to authorities and the FIR filed over the sexual assault, the alleged sexual predator is associated with the specialised Anti-Riot Police Unit (ARPU) and was stationed at Police Lines in Shamke Bhattian area, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Manga Mandi police station.

The suspected rapist broke into the house of his neighbour and sexually assaulted her. When the girl cried for help, the residents of the area heard her, intervened, and brutally beat up the officer, after which they handed him over to the police.

The man was then transferred to a local hospital for his injuries.

The police said that the FIR was filed after a medical test of the victim was completed.


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