Coke Studio’s tabla player Babar Khanna beaten outside Lahore residence


LAHORE: Tabla and dholak player Babar Ali Khanna was reportedly threatened and beaten up outside his Lahore residence on Sunday night.

A longstanding member of Coke Studio’s house band, Babar shared the incident in a Facebook live video and showed the state of his house following the attack.

Speaking in the video, Khanna said, “I have been threatened at my house today,” detailing that shots were fired at his house, bricks were hurled at its gate and he was beaten up by unknown people.

Khanna said that he did not know who those people were and made no mention of possible motives for the attack.

Khanna’s neighbours also appeared in the video and said, “Eight to 10 men on motorcycles arrived at his house and beat him up.”

Another neighbour said, “I don’t know who those people were but this is appalling. Babar is well-respected in the neighbourhood. We are all terrified.”

Khanna whose musical journey spans over 29 years has been a part of Coke Studio since season one.