Minor boy found dead after being allegedly raped in Khairpur

  • Police arrest two suspects 

A minor boy in Khairpur was allegedly sexually assaulted and found dead near Gambat Bypass after which Khairpur police claimed to have arrested two suspects, a private media outlet reported.

Sukkur Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Azad Khan said that a boy aged 12-13 years who worked until late at night at a tire puncture shop next to a petrol pump in Khairpur, was found hanging at the shop early on Sunday morning.

When police were alerted by a passerby, they took the body into custody and transported it to a hospital in the city.

After conducting a post-mortem examination, doctors said there was evidence that the boy had been sexually assaulted before he died, the DIG said, adding that DNA samples from the victim had been taken and would be sent for testing.

The DIG said that the shop owner and a truck driver, both of whom slept at the shop, were taken into custody.

According to local media reports, the boy had been raped and allegedly murdered. Taking notice of the reports, Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Amjad Javed Saleemi had directed Sukkar DIG to submit a detailed inquiry report of the incident.

He also ordered the senior superintendent of Khairpur to submit a report of the immediate steps taken by police at the crime scene and directed officials to conduct an unbiased and transparent investigation to ensure the victim’s family gets justice.