Different cab services start hiring women as bike drivers


ISLAMABAD: Various cab services have started new initiative by hiring women bike drivers in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, a rare initiative to create opportunities for women.

For encouragement, the step of introducing female bike captains would encourage unemployment of women to earn independently for supporting their families. Manager of a private company Muhammad Umer said that their main objective was to encourage women and produce job opportunities for them.

“Women in large number has been engaging themselves as bike captain even who are not educated enough to support their family,” he said. Initially, “we were reluctant to hire female as bike drivers but after getting positive response, we hired 1000 of more female drivers,” he said.

Noshaba Saleem, a bike captain, said that initially she was little nervous but with passage of time she got enough courage and passion to do her work confidently. “My family said that it may be difficult job but thanks Allah I didn’t face any such issues,” she said. “Mostly I use to have women customers, and they have been very supportive and boost my morale for what I am doing for my children,” she said.

“Some of annoying things which confuse me were the canceling of rides. Sometimes maps are confusing to reach on destination on time,” she said. She said that the male customers were also cooperative so she hadn’t any difficulty yet. “I am very satisfied and happy because I am earning handsome amount for my children and saving too.”

She expressed satisfaction over her profession and said that all women should keep their spirit high, be brave and have enough courage to earn for themselves. “Earning with respect gives us a sense of independence definitely,” she said.


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