Karachi gangs using WhatsApp to demand extortion


KARACHI: Criminals of the port city have updated themselves with the times and are demanding extortions via WhatsApp instead of short message service (SMS) or phone calls.

A trader from Old City area of Karachi notified the police after receiving a threat as an audio note on WhatsApp.

In the audio note, the gangsters demanded extortion money from the trader and threatened of murdering him if he refuses to pay. The criminals were smart enough to use a foreign number to send the threats, so it is impossible to trace them.

When their first threat failed, the extortionists sent a second message to the trader. “We have the details of your whole family. You did not understand this way. Now, we will teach you in another way,” said the message.

According to the police, the criminals belong to Faisal Pathan group of the Lyari Gang war.

The Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) has taken notice of the incident.